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The Grad School Waitlist

Class Location: The Internet.

Description: This course helps students cope with their waitlist letter.  This course also gives them helpful advice which may improve their chances of getting in.

Objective: Find a way to turn that waitlist letter into an acceptance letter.

There it is in your mailboxthe dreaded waitlist letter. Sure, youll have to deal with the suspense a bit longer, but its a lot better than a rejection. Instead of lamenting your fate, consider getting waitlisted as your second chance to prove yourself to the grad school of your choice. Let it toughen your resolve to do everything you can so that the next letter you get from the school is a fat package with all your acceptance materials.

So, what can you do after getting waitlisted to improve your chances of getting accepted? Use the extra time to make your application stand out and show the school youre the right person for the program.

  • You want to highlight your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. This will make you a much stronger overall candidate. Update the measurable elements of your application with better numbers. If you have better grades or GRE scores since you first applied, make sure the school knows it. Also update the more subjective parts of your application. Any new activities, leadership roles, or accomplishments will only boost your credentials.

  • Make sure the school knows theres nowhere youd rather goand why. Different people make better fits at different programs. You want the graduate schools to know that youre the perfect fit. Tell them why youre interested in the specific parts of the schools program and why your interests and goals make you the right match for the school.

  • Get other reputable sources to validate your claims about yourself. That means getting any additional letters of recommendation from professors, connections at the grad school, or employers.

  • Contact the school to try to find out what you can do to improve your chances for acceptance. It also cant hurt to sit in on some classes or talk to current students to find out exactly what the school is looking for.

Theres plenty you can do to improve your application and chances for admission after getting waitlisted. Theres no time to mope. Its time to get to work!

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